Dr. Jaiya John . Soul Water Rising

A Global HUMAN Mission. Rehumanizing.

WELCOME TO THE HOME PAGE FOR SOUL WATER RISING, the global human mission founded by poet, author, international speaker, and youth mentor, Dr. Jaiya John. Over 40,000 of Jaiya's books have been sold. He has addressed over half a million souls. We have donated thousands of books to youth, students, schools, and programs. And we offer educational scholarships to vulnerable students.

Jaiya John and Soul Water Rising are devoted to supporting the healing journeys of historically dehumanized populations and cultures. We work with individuals, groups, and organizations to foster wellness in children, youth, families, and communities. We place a particular priority on displaced, stigmatized, and marginalized children and families; on the honoring of womanhood and fatherhood; and on the dissolving of racial and cultural supremacies wherever they exist.