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Weaving Sacred Story in Restorative Justice (live keynote)

*This recording can serve as a powerful seminar, training, or team building / staff retreat session. LENGTH: 1:35:31.

Dr. Jaiya John’s live keynote message for the Colorado National Restorative Justice Conference, held in Vail, Colorado on September 26, 2016. Speaking from impassioned spirit and heart, Jaiya touches deeply on a broad interconnection of factors, including the intimate relationship between those who harm and those who are harmed; the generational nature of restorative justice work; the impact of tribal myths and tribal truths; the interdependent web of life; the reality of cultural supremacies; trauma’s insidious aura; the modern drought of sacred spaces and sharing of story; the true meaning of story; the circle nature of healing; vengeance and retribution versus reparation and healing; the potency of Love and compassion; compassionate listening; the revolutionary role of restorative justice advocates; the spirit of Tikkun Olam; testimony and witness; truth and reconciliation; the need for safe story spaces; our innate potential for harm and healing; why redemption matters; turning pain into power; how wounds become an offering; how our journey superpowers us; learning to sing our own song; and so much more. Listen in for this soulful message on community and collective healing, and the future of justice and human society.

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