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perf5.000x8.000.inddJaiya John’s Calm: Inspiration for a Possible Life, follows his books Fresh Peace, and Sincerity of Sunlight, as tonic for our modern epidemic of anxiety. Calm is written in Jaiya’s customary light, colorful, dreamy language. Use these petite reflections and stories as daily affirmations, mantras, reminders, practice projects, or prompts for meditation. Open the book to any page and drink its healing water. See how you can move through life with unconditional peace and clarity, literally a living Grace. Calmness is a Loving act, an intentional kindness, a soul savings account. Refresh yourself in this medicine book. Let Calm be your testimony of a possible life. 2017. 5 x 8. Softcover. First edition. 168 pages. Inspiration / affirmation / self-care / spirituality. ISBN: 978-0-9987802-0-7



In the tradition of his popular book, Fresh Peace, Jaiya John offers a revitalizing new book of inspiration. With one reflection on each page, Sincerity of Sunlight is designed for easy access and quick, in-the-moment reading. Drop in on any page for a bright dose of affirmation and insightful tastes of inner peace. Whenever you need a pick-up for your spirit, pick up Sincerity of Sunlight. Jaiya’s soothing words are a gifted masseuse for the soul, touching gently on wellness, self-care, self-Love, healing, personal growth, social relationships, and purposeful living. The message at this book’s heart: When we hold our idea of life up to the Light of Truth, its uncompromising radiance burns away the illusions that cause our suffering. What grows up from the after-burn is new life. Rise today. Love like the sincerity of sunlight. Make the whole world glow and blush back at you. 2017. 5 x 8. Softcover. First edition. 162 pages. Inspiration / affirmation / self-care / spirituality. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-9-5


Fresh Peace: Daily Blossoming of the Soul
(A book of inspirations). Imagine if your every breath filled your soul with undeniable, blissful Peace… Jaiya John, who has shared his deeply resonant messages with audiences worldwide, gathers these heart-stirring inspirations, stories, and healing words for those who cherish and yearn for a lasting inner Peace. Stroll through this garden of Sacredness and feel your soul awaken to its own true and flowering fragrance: the unmistakable perfume of Peace. Renew. Refresh. Rediscover the essence of your life. 2015. 5.5 x 8.5 Softcover. First edition. 216 pages. $16. Inspirational / Spirituality / Mindfulness. ISBN: 978-0-9713308-3-3

Your Caring Heart: Renewal for Helping Professionals and Systems is Dr. Jaiya John’s warm companion for your compassionate servitude. In gentle clarity, lightness, and humor, Jaiya’s soothing reflections flow straight into the tender truth of your caring nature and calling. Discover the promise of mutual care, harvesting story, and compassionate leadership for transforming you and your work tribe into your optimal giftedness for serving lives. These are words you will keep close, drinking from them for your renewal. Reinvigorate your wellspring of devotion. Heal your tenderness. Supercharge your system, and bless the ones you serve. Welcome, you Lovers, leaders, activists, agitators… You soul suns, deep drums, healers, hope dealers, sacred dancers. Here is a spa day for your inner peace, birth print for your revival, as you give yourself to the ones who dearly need your healing touch. 2016. 6 x 9. Softcover. 200 pages. $16. First edition. Helping Professionals and Systems. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-8-8

Agencies, organizations, and school systems nationwide are acquiring this title in bulk as a professional development resource for workers, and leaders. It can enrich college and graduate programs, recruitment, hiring, orientation, and ongoing development.

Twelve brave 18-year-olds encamp on a mystical island in the presence of a mysterious shape shifter. These children of many tribes–African, Maori, Samoan, Native American, Latino, and Aboriginal–have come to enjoy the paradise, with its ocean shores, towering dunes and mountains, spectacular waterfall, and crystal clear lagoon. The island has other ideas. As human souls encounter island spirit, lives that have been touched by family disruption, homelessness, delinquency, and trauma face a reckoning. An ancient scroll forebodes a great danger: If they do not face their pain and fears in this surreal land, they invite their own demise. Through adventure, calamity, conflict, passion, and friendship, a tribe is born. The true purpose for their challenging childhood journeys is revealed in ways that will transform their lives forever.

Clear Moon Tribe is a coming of age revelation. A richly crafted healing story, bathed in cultural myths, fables, and legends. Its words are the smoke of incense, drum, and ceremony, and will tattoo your heart hilariously, poignantly, unforgettably. Come, fall deliriously into a new tribal language. It all began that summer, on an island, beneath a provocative clear moon. 2015. 6 x 9 Softcover. First edition. 288 pages. $19. Fiction. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-2-6

Great for schools, youth programs, organizations, book clubs. A powerful resource for foster care, juvenile justice, homelessness, child welfare, human services, social services, and family & community service.

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Once, there lived a boy with no name. Join him on a very special day as he and his dear sister go on an adventure to discover his name, and receive priceless life lessons along the way. This is the unillustrated story of an 8-year-old boy, living in quite a magical world, inside of a single, crystal-clear raindrop that fell 2,000 years ago onto the palm of a 3,000-year-old leaf, in the tree-top of an ancient tree, growing in an ancient land on a planet we call Earth, inside of a wide, wide universe. 2016. 5 x 7. Softcover. Unillustrated. 116 pages. $12. First edition. Children / Family / Adventure. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-7-1

Legendary: A Tribute to Those Who Honorably Serve Devalued Children (2nd Edition. New Material.) is Jaiya John’s celebration of teachers, social service professionals, advocates, caregivers, counselors, mentors, and the like. Those compassionate souls who honorably serve youth devalued by society due to material poverty, heritage, language, family separation; or challenges with learning, behavior, mental health, or physical ability. Here are poetic stories to awaken your spirit, massage your heart, and remind you of the reasons you do this work. Your service touches lives, and miracles are born. Your grace endures forever.

Are you experiencing compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout, disillusionment, doubt, lack of appreciation and support, lost direction, fear, emptiness? You deserve relief. Legendary is well water drawn from the very soul of your compassionate endeavor, offered back to you in your own yearning voice. Come here and drink to your replenishment. Regain your spark of purpose. Word by word, renew your wholeness, your humanity, and your vital health. Take a dose daily. Soon, you will be breathing freely again, like the first time you answered your sacred calling. 2014 (Originally published 2008). 5.5 x 8.5 Softcover. Second edition. 216 pages. $16. Social Services & Education. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-0-2

 Beautiful - Book Cover
2ND EDITION. The many fictional voices of displaced children in Beautiful: A Poetic Celebration of Displaced Children are inspired by youth Jaiya John has worked with over a lifetime. This second edition contains 8 NEW POEMS. Beautiful is much more than a source of inspiration. Its words reveal the majesty and vulnerability of all children. Beautiful is an empowerment anthem for youth, a resource for those who love, care for, and work with these purposeful souls. Child light shines through these pages, asserting the demand of our young for their dignity, while portraying their limitless power to heal, grow, and flourish. A poetic companion to Jaiya John’s Reflection Pond, Beautiful is the kind of treasure we polish repeatedly, its truth seeping into our compassion. Struggle and triumph. Solitude and belonging. A journey of sunflowers toward the sun of selfhood. In these pages we find Beauty born. 2014 (Originally published 2008). 5.5 x 8.5 Softcover. Second edition. 200 pages. $18. Poetry / Child & Youth Development. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-1-9

An empowerment tool for youth! Great resource for: parents • social workers • counselors • therapists • community leaders • juvenile justice and mental health • policy makers • legal & court • child welfare • educators • advocates • mentors

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Jaiya John has shared time with thousands of uprooted children through his global human relations work. Reflection Pond is a compassionate guide, a looking glass for what these youth have whispered into his spirit. They have shared their need for reflection ponds: people, places, and experiences through which their own beauty and purpose are reflected back to them. Through sensitive prose, Jaiya John draws from the natural world around us to unveil the magical inner life of children and youth. Here is a revelatory positioning of the human mirror. In its face we glimpse magnificence. 2007. 5.5 x 8.5 Soft cover. First edition. 244 pages. $18. Child & Youth Development. ISBN 978-0-9713308-2-5

Great resource for: MSW programs . staff development . parents and caregivers. social workers . counselors . therapists . community leaders . juvenile justice . foster care, adoption, homelessness . policy makers . legal & court . child welfare . educators . advocates . mentors

Habanero Love: A Poem of Sacred Passion
is a wildfire sweeping through the heart, clearing the way for the romantic and the Sacred in us to sprout anew. This epic Love poem blazes with passion and unbridled surrender. It is a mythic Love story. A naked declaration. A revelation that the Love we fall into is a current within Divine Love Itself. Our hearts yearn so achingly for a reason: Love is the carriage taking us to the mystic territory that is our Sacred home. Habanero Love is a carriage on fire. Taste these words. They are divine dark chocolate and scorching red pepper. You have never burned like this before. When Love’s mood strikes… become a match. 2016. 5.5 x 8.5. Softcover. 192 pages. $16. First edition. Poetry / Romance / Spirituality. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-5-7

Father to Son: Ode to Black Boys is a spoken word testimony to the phenomenal journey of African American people. A dying father’s inspired and hopeful last conversation with his 17-year-old son serves as the context for this uplifting and powerful narrative. Jaiya John’s compassionate voice weaves a rich kente cloth tapestry of Love, celebration, challenge, and honor. Father to Son, with its rich rhythmic wordplay, flavored with a gumbo recipe for Self-Love in both males and females, frames the journey of African American boys into manhood. Here is a role call for the spirit warrior in us who wants our families to be whole. Come beat the drum. 2016. 4 x 6. Softcover. 104 pages. $12. First edition. Poetry / African American / Child and Family. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-4-0

This little book is an easy, scintillating, soul awakening read! Share with youth, schools, libraries, programs, agencies, places of worship, sororities and fraternities, and families!

Lyric of Silence: A Poetic Telling of the Human Soul Journey is a reunion with an old friend: the divine uniqueness we came here to be. Like a bay window in spring, we open, and bright new glory rushes in. Poetry, parable, and inner conversation have all been brought to this union fire, kindling for our illumination flame. A living thing with wings lands on our window, looking in. We look out, wishing we too could fly. All that yearns inside us is saying: You already have wings! The curiosity that lands on your window is you! Break the glass separating inward from outward seer, hush the worldly voices, and slowly tune to your sacred song, those hidden notes of masterpiece. 2016. 5.5 x 8.5 Softcover. First edition. 240 pages. $18. Poetry / Spirituality / Philosophy. ISBN: 978-0-9916401-6-4


BLACK BABY WHITE HANDS: A VIEW FROM THE CRIB. SOUL WATER RISING PROUDLY PRESENTS A LANDMARK MEMOIR. July 15, 1968. It is only three months following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the nation is burning. Black and White America are locked in the tense grip of massive change. Into this inferno steps an unsuspecting young White couple. Neither significantly knew even a single African American person while growing up. Now, a child will change all of that forever. In this fateful moment, a Black baby becomes perhaps the first in the history of New Mexico to be adopted by a White family. Here is a brazenly honest glimpse into the mind and heart of that child, a true story for the ages.

Jaiya John has opened the floodgates on his own childhood. Black Baby White Hands, a waterfall of jazz splashing over the rocks of pain, love and the honoring of family. Magically, this book finds a way to sing as it cries, and to exude compassion even as it dispels well-entrenched myths. This classic is sure to find itself well worn, stained by tears, and brushed by laughter in the lap of parents, adolescents, educators, students and professionals. Here comes the rain and the sunshine, all at once. Second Edition, 2005 (First edition 2002). $19.00. 5.5″ x 8.5″ Soft cover. 350 pages. memoir/African American/adoption. ISBN 978-0-9713308-1-8

“Penetrating. John’s is a truly fresh voice emergent from an insightful American childhood.”
—Terrie Williams, author of The Personal Touch and Stay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teens. Founder, The Stay Strong Foundation

“One of the few books to examine transracial adoption from a balanced perspective and to make a strong case for considering culture in placement decisions. It should be read by all adoptive parents, caseworkers, agency heads, policymakers and groups concerned about the best interests of children of color in foster care.”
—Robert B. Hill, Ph.D., sociologist and author of the seminal book The Strengths of Black Families

“Our concept of civil rights and spiritual responsibility has been peeled back afresh and rendered deeper with this book.”
—James M. Jones, Ph.D., author of Prejudice and Racism

“This is a pot of gold for adoptive parents, and especially for transracially adoptive parents. But more than that, this book is priceless for anyone who cares to voyage into the wonderland that is a child’s heart.”
—Sydney Duncan, MSW, Founding Executive, Homes for Black Children, The nation’s first African American adoption agency

“Powerful. This book is not only beautifully written, it also deserves a wide audience.”
—Writer’s Digest

Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib is a memoir that, via the intense intimacy of one child’s life, represents in microcosm the experience of many youth in this society. Beyond race, this story also mines the culturally rich texture of contemporary U.S. American youth and their families. This book has been adopted for high school and college courses nationwide. In addition to its obvious child welfare implications, it reveals much of the complex psyche of African American and Caucasian American children and adults, as well as those of people of all heritages and backgrounds in today’s overwhelming social world.

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