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As human beings, we have an essential need for meaning and purpose in our lives. Without it, pain is magnified. Joy flattens. Our light fades. We lose ourselves, and our way. We are liable to become owned. To lose our freedom. Throughout history, the phenomenon of Story has been our primary act for deriving meaning and purpose. Story. Not the chronological recounting of our life, but the distillation, testimony, and servitude of our personal and collective existence. Story as a communal dynamic of testifying and bearing witness. Story as spark for social change. Striking embers of kinship. Illuminating our divine distinction and sublime commonality. Story as celebration, healing tonic, remembrance, reunion, and edification. Story as noun and verb, seed and produce, method and result.

I am grateful to offer keynotes, talks, and healing circles on Story. Working from this construct, we can address any salient issues for your audience, including but not limited to: youth, adult, or professional empowerment and renewal; cultural healing; wellness; mutual care and self-care; trauma; social and restorative justice; creativity and self-expression.

Our objective together is epiphany, transformation. Building our human capacity. My hope is for you to cultivate a new relationship with your true nature, giftedness, passion, and calling. For your life, work, workforce, organization, and mission to be renewed and re-envisioned. For the children, youth, and communities you serve to be emboldened and empowered to heal themselves. Our landscape is the emotional terrain. The human aspect of our existence. That which dominates our work and life, for better or for worse, even as we treat it secondarily. Through creative reflection we will harvest new language: the vocabulary of wellness, wholeness, fruitfulness.

This service experience is for nonprofits, schools, programs, public agencies, and businesses. It serves and adapts to your topical priorities for children, youth, adults, professionals, and executive leaders. It belongs with those who value innovation, creativity, activism, and pioneering change. My priority is to support the rehumanization of those who have been dehumanized: Indigenous, displaced, and vulnerable populations and workers. So that persons may find themselves in their story, and in the collective story. That they may discover and rediscover their meaning, purpose, beauty, power, vitality, courage, heart, and full humanness. Particularly, I strive to preserve cultural Story that is vulnerable to extinction, oppression, and supremacies. This work is global. It is imperative and it is time. I am happy to further familiarize you with what this experience looks like, feels like, and where it leads. Please reach out to me using our Home Page contact form.


“When we give our stories birth, they flow unto the world, a fountain that feeds new gardens, lush forests, paradises of meaning. When we hold our stories tight and tense inside, they calcify, and we become a soul of cysts. Our living design is to be free rivers, our language and dreams splashing upon drier shores, blessing seed into sprout that does not fathom life without the wondrous hallmark of inspiration.”